Video: Our Farm

We ensure that our 600 Holstein-Friesian cows lead a life of comfort and indulgence and in return they produce high quality, deliciously creamy milk – the crucial ingredient for our award winning farmhouse cheddar and butter.

Our Farm


Our cows are milked in a rotary parlour whilst listening to soothing classical music to ensure that each cow is comfortable and relaxed.

We believe that to make the best possible cheese it’s all about what is best for the cow, not what is best for us. So we lavish care on our cows, making sure that they have access to lush grazing during the spring and summer and that they are provided with spacious yet cosy housing when the weather isn’t so good.

In these barns they enjoy the luxury of waterbeds for maximum comfort when lying down, as well as regular foot trimming ‘pedicures’ and a carefully tailored diet designed to meet their needs. There is also loads of space so that they can wander around freely and socialise.

Cow herd walking

Meet the team

Rob Clapp - Farms Director
Photo of Rob Clapp - Farms Director

Rob is Bob’s son and has worked in the business for ten years. Rob is our Farms' Director and has responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the farm, crops, machinery – and most importantly – the cows. Rob says that seeing the land managed well and the cows healthy and productive are what motivates him to get out of bed in the morning. Rob enjoys shooting when he has time but his two young daughters keep him pretty busy! His favourite Brue product is our Farmhouse Butter.

Adam Atkinson - Herd Manager
Photo of Adam  Atkinson - Herd Manager

Adam joined us in 2010 and is relishing his control of the 600 strong dairy herd.