Video: Cheese

We have been making cheddar here at Brue Valley Farms for more than 50 years now and our cheese is still handcrafted following the traditional cheddaring process because we believe that is the only way to make great cheddar.


Master Cheesemakers

Our team of skilled cheesemakers relied on time honoured methods to supervise the entire process from pasteurisation of the milk through to grading the cheese.

We treated each vat individually to ensure that we maintained the unrivalled quality and flavour that made Brue Valley Cheddar.

The Process

We used to make cheese to a number of unique recipes. We would gently warm the milk and add special cultures and rennet to our milk to start the cheese making process. This caused the curds and whey to form and then when we judged the timing was right the curds were separated from the whey.


We then began the cheddaring process which gave our cheese its unique texture. The curds were repeatedly mixed, cut and piled to help reduce excess moisture before drying.


The curds were then finely chopped (or ‘milled’) and salted before being put into moulds to form the cheese. Once these dried the blocks of cheese were then wrapped by hand in saran film and brown paper and left to mature in wooden slats – traditional slatted wooden boxes made just for the job.


Maturation time varied and was as long as 18 months. A number of factors, including moisture and time of year, could change the development and taste of a cheese and so we graded our cheese by taking small samples to make sure that it was absolutely perfect!

It took time, dedication and skill to produce the full bodied flavour that was recognised as Brue Valley.